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Our Mission

Here at Sew Unik Studio, we thrive to ensure each student leaves our session with a wealth of knowledge and the best experience with sewing!



Sewing 101: Learn the Basics 

Come learn the fundamentals of sewing, machine basics, different types of stitches, cutting, pinning, and ironing. Learn sewing terms and lastly leave with a finished project. Feel free to bring the fabric of your choice or your sewing machine if you have one.

This class is open to all individuals ages 8 and up


Sewing 102: Beyond the Basics

In this class I will walk you through the next level of sewing skills and techniques as a follow-up to the Sewing 101 Basics Course - this will allow you to keep on developing your sewing style and knowledge.

In this class, you will learn zipper installation, and how to properly add lining to a project and you get to make a zipper bag! This class is open to all. 

Kids 8+ and adults.

(Must have sewing knowledge or have taken Sewing 101 to take this class!)




Adult Classes

Our Adult classes range from beginner to intermediate and are for ages 16 and up with the exception of our Sew and Sip classes that Is ages 21 and up. 

Projects may include:

Bags, Shorts, Tank Tops Dress, Adult Sewing Workshops and many more


Kid Classes 

Children are sponges and eager to learn every day. That is why we strive to teach classes that will challenge their creative side! With hands-on help, easy-to-learn projects, and a super fun learning environment, we know that your child will be in the perfect atmosphere to excel! Open to kids 8 and up.

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